Shirkan 2.0 – Matrix Shingle Technology for the Future of Photovoltaics

Duration: 08/2023 - 07/2026
Contracting Authority / Sponsors:
Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz (BMWK)
Project Partners: Zahoransky AG, M10 Industries AG, Polytec PT GmbH, Solarwatt GmbH
Linked Projects: Shirkan
Project Focus:
Matrixmodul in Kombination mit halbseitiger MorphoColor®-Beschichtung. Die Matrixtechnologie eignet sich durch das ästhetisch-homogene Erscheinungsbild besonders gut für die integrierte Photovoltaik.
© Fraunhofer ISE
Matrix module in combination with MorphoColor® coating on one side. The matrix technology is particularly suitable for integrated photovoltaics thanks to its aesthetically homogeneous appearance.
Vollformat-Matrixmodul entwickelt und hergestellt zusammen mit den Projektpartnerinnen und-partnern des Projektes Shirkan 2.0.
© Fraunhofer ISE / Foto: Christian Hanner
Full-format matrix module developed and manufactured together with the project partners of the Shirkan 2.0 project.

In the Shirkan 2.0 project, Matrix Shingle Technology will finally become competitive through targeted further development and consistent cost reduction. In addition a new, high-throughput matrix shingle stringer, a system for automated cross-connection and a product configurator for the efficient design of matrix shingle modules are being developed. Using anisotropic conductive adhesives, the shingling of highly efficient silicon heterojunction solar cells and completely lead-free matrix shingle modules that are variable in size and shape are also being researched. The aim is to use matrix shingle technology, a globally unique PV module innovation whose machine technology and application intelligence originate from Germany, to secure an innovative market segment for the German photovoltaic industry in the long term.

Fraunhofer ISE is using the new Module-TEC, which was opened in February 2024, for the project work. This new infrastructure, which is unique in Germany, enables the production of prototypes and small series for testing new module products on the way from research to industrial implementation. The processes and materials used on our shingle matrix stringer are being further developed in the Shirkan 2 project. The focus here is on testing new innovative adhesives, the application of new cell technologies and the development of fields of application with high potential in the area of Integrated Photovoltaics. In addition, the focus is on detailed characterization, which enables the development of a scientific understanding in the field of module optimization and the analysis of long-term stability.

Sustainable Development Goals

The "Shirkan 2.0" research project contributes to achieving the sustainability goals in these areas:

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