Power Measurements

Tests for PV Module Certification

Steady State Solar Simulator
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Steady State Solar Simulator
  • Under STC (standard test conditions)
    The output power of the modules is determined in the solar simulator at standard test conditions. This power measurement is repeated after each test that could influence the module materials.
  • At NMOT (Nominal Module Operating Temperature)
    During the course of the tests, the nominal operating module temperature is determined. The NMOT helps designers of PV systems to estimate the operating temperature of modules in actual operation.
  • At low irradiance levels
    In order to be able to estimate the yield of a PV system, it is important to know how much power a module can generate at low irradiance levels.
  • Determining temperature coefficients
    The power output of a module depends on its operating temperature. This dependency can be described using coefficients and helps to calculate the actual power output at a certain temperature.
  • Light Stabilization
    A constant-light solar simulator is used for the light stabilization of thin-film modules with in-situ measurement of the IV characteristics. This is used to investigate power stability during measurement.

Further information regarding power measurements can be found here.