Meike Schauerte from Fraunhofer ISE receives Best Paper Award at 4th OWPT 2022

Meike Schauerte, together with her co-authors Dr. Oliver Höhn and Dr. Henning Helmers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, received the Best Paper Award of the 4th Optical Wireless and Fiber Power Transmission (OWPT) Conference.

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Measurement setup for the analysis of special photovoltaic cells for laser power conversion.

With the award, the conference committee honored the outstanding paper “Subcell Spectral Response Determination for Multi-Junction Photonic Power Converters based on Negative Bias I-V Measurement”. In her work, Meike Schauerte developed a method to analyze specialized photovoltaic cells for laser power conversion, which consist of various vertically stacked subcells all made of the same material. It enables the investigation of individual subcell behavior and radiative interaction between them in detail, which has not been possible before.

“The newly developed method helps to deepen the understanding of the fundamental behavior of these photonic power converters and will accelerate the future progress in this emerging field.” says Dr. Frank Dimroth, Head of Department III-V Photovoltaics and Concentrator Technology.

The OWPT Conference connects researchers worldwide and provides a central forum for updating and reviewing scientific and technical progress covering the whole range from fundamental research over component development to systems and applications related to the fields of optical wireless power transmission and power over fiber technology.

The work was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) through the projects "Lightbridge" (16ES0788) and “AIIR-Power” (01DM21006A).

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