Call for papers: DACH+ Conference on Energy Informatics

Organized by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE and the University of Freiburg, the 10th DACH+ Conference on Energy Informatics will be held in Freiburg, Germany from September 16-17, 2021. It is part of a conference series promoting research, development, and the implementation of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the energy sector. It is intended to foster the exchange in the German-Austrian-Swiss region and neighboring countries (DACH+). The pre-conference 12th Energy Informatics Doctoral Workshop will be held on September 14-15. The organizers seek high-quality original contributions on the topics of smart energy systems, the integration of intermittent renewable generation and energy efficiency gains through ICT, market approaches and mechanisms for ICT-enabled energy systems as well as data-driven decisions.

Theoretical-based contributions are welcome as are publications addressing system design, implementation and experimentation. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

·         ICT for future energy systems, sector coupling and the integration of intermittent renewable generation

·         Information and decision support systems for future energy markets and mechanisms

·         Energy system modeling

·         Protocol and architecture for IT systems in the energy sector

·         Data analytics and machine learning for smart energy systems and decentralized decision making, as well as platforms for data analysis

·         Open data and software for energy research

·         Management of distributed generation and demand-side management

·         ICT for (multi-) energy networks and micro-grids

·         Energy-efficient mobility, charging management for electric vehicles, energy-aware traffic control, and smart grid integration of mobile storage

·         Smart buildings, digital metering, occupant comfort and user interaction

·         Implementation of ICT in the energy sector

·         Cross-cutting issues including cybersecurity and privacy protection, interoperability, verification of networked smart grid systems

Call for papers

The 12th Energy Informatics Doctoral Workshop is co-located with the conference and addresses the role of ICT and computer science in future energy systems. It is organized by the German Informatics Society in cooperation with OFFIS – Institute for Information Technology and INATECH, University of Freiburg. Doctoral students researching on the interfaces between informatics, power engineering and the energy economics, are invited to apply. This workshop presents a platform where doctoral students can discuss their current work with researchers in the same field, thus creating a potential basis for future high- submissions to a signature conference or journal. Hence, papers, doctoral project descriptions, and progress reports in the form of short papers are all welcome as submissions for the workshop. Former workshop participants who have made significant progress in their doctoral work are also encouraged to apply. Relevant topics for contributions include, but are not restricted to, the following : algorithms, software and system architectures, economic aspects and sustainability, dependability, safety and resilience, modeling, simulation and validation, and specific applications.

All relevant information and important dates related to the doctoral workshop can be found here.

Deadline for paper submissions is April 19, 2021


The Energy Informatics conference series is a joint initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, and the Swiss Federal Office of Energy.


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