Module Calibration and Durability

At Fraunhofer ISE we have well over 20 years of experience in the precise characterization and durability testing of PV modules. Throughout we continuously are adapting both our equipment and our methods to meet the new technologies. Many tandem cell technologies exhibit particularly strong spectral and capacitive effects which make it difficult to measure performance with standard flashers. To test and characterize such modules, we have high pulse duration solar simulators and a class AAA constant light solar simulator.

We already are supporting customers with reliability tests on PV modules based on tandem solar cells. Our current research work focuses on identifying the aging effects on the individual cell layers and developing meaningful characterization parameters that can be used to describe the behavior of the modules in the application as accurately as possible. This is, for example, a necessary prerequisite for the preparation of yield forecasts. 


We have an excellent technical infrastructure with modern equipment and facilities that serve as the basis for our R&D competence. In our accredited Testlab PV Modules we offer comprehensive measurements and tests for the design qualification and type approval of PV modules and assist our customers in solving individual challenges with respect to the quality and service life of their products. In the field of module calibration we combine the highest level of scientific know-how with cutting-edge measurement technology. In our accredited calibration laboratory CalLab PV Modules we calibrate modules for production lines around the world accurately, quickly and reliably. We also have long-standing expertise in the service life and failure analysis of modules both in the laboratory and in the field. We examine the quality and the aging behavior of PV modules as well as their materials and individual components. 

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