Home Energy Storage

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Home storage systems are decentralized grid-connected battery systems that are operated in combination with a PV system, mostly in single-family homes. The main aim is to increase solar self-sufficiency and thus reduce the electricity bill. The flexible, environmentally friendly charging of electric vehicles is made possible by integrating a charging station or wallbox with the battery storage system.

Energy Storage in the Home: Self-Sufficiency and Contribution to the Energy Transition

Further arguments for the use of PV home storage systems are the desire for greater independence from the energy supplier and the willingness to actively contribute to the success of the energy transition. In Germany, around 50 percent of newly installed PV systems in the single-family home market segment are now equipped with battery storage. In addition, it is to be expected that old systems will be equipped with battery storage systems as soon as their guaranteed feed-in tariff ends. 

R&D Services

Our services for energy management providers, system manufacturers and system integrators comprise

  • development of safe, reliable and efficient battery systems
  • development of highly efficient and functional power electronics
  • development of intelligent energy management systems
  • laboratory testing of systems and components
  • modeling and forecasting of PV and load profiles

Quick-Facts: Home Energy Storage

  • Installed capacity and expansion demand
    • Installed capacity in Germany (2021): approx. 3.5 GWh1
    • Further expansion of home storage foreseeable worldwide.
  • Technologies:
    • primarily lithium-ion batteries
  • Advantages:
    • Economic:
      Increase in solar self-consumption rate and solar coverage rate, tariff optimization with time-variable electricity tariffs that can be expected in the future, reduction in the need for expansion in the distribution grid
    • Ecological:
      Savings in CO2 emissions through use of solar power, no land consumption through use of suitable roof surfaces, reduction in grid expansion requirements at distribution grid level

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