Module and Material Analytics

Multifunction analysis table
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Multifunction analysis table to determine the current state of a PV module or after failure.

At Fraunhofer ISE we have various possibilities to analyze modules and materials in detail. We investigate for example:

  • corrosion (snail trails, connector corrosion)
  • mechanical effects (cell cracks, connector breaks) and
  • electrical effects (hot spots) and their impact on the module performance loss.

We develop and operate devices to monitor degradation during operation or using accelerated aging tests (in-situ). For example it can be very helpful to know the humidity content within the module to interpret and understand aging mechanisms.

Our innovative and in-house developed multifunction analysis unit combines several analytical methods and allows substantial non-destructive examinations of full-size PV modules. By combining the results of different analytical methods, a failure or root cause can be detected and evaluated. Due to a high-precision 3-D control unit, each position in the module can be analyzed with most accurate repeatability before and after aging tests.