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TestLab PV Modules

We test PV modules according to IEC and European standards for design qualification and type approval.

In the field of work “Service Life and Failure Analysis”, we examine the quality and the aging behavior of PV modules as well as their materials and individual components. Throughout our work, we can refer to a large wealth of experience gained in the analysis and evaluation of numerous cases of failures in field operation. In addition, we monitor and examine the aging behavior of PV modules at realistic real time conditions as well as accelerated aging tests. At several outdoor test facilities worldwide, we expose photovoltaic module to determine the correlation between operating data and weathering and to adjust conditions of artificial weathering; we develop procedures to simulate aging mechanisms - like for example so-called “snail trails” - in accelerated aging tests to examine the modules’ sensitivity to specific effects.

In the accredited TestLab PV Modules we perform type-approval tests for photovoltaic modules according to IEC standards as well as customized tests. The synergies which are created through the cooperation of the TestLab PV Modules lead to fast processes of highest quality based on the accreditation according to ISO 17025.

Our many years of experience with module failures in outdoor weathering and accelerated aging tests provide us with a deep understanding of mechanisms and defective material combinations. For tests and analyses, we have the most modern and innovative equipment at our disposal, which we partially developed ourselves for the special application to PV modules.

Selected Research Projects



High-Throughput Production System and Process Technology for Crystalline Silicon Solar Modules



PV Module Life Time Forecast and Evaluation



Development of characterization methodology for modules and systems applying bifacial PV technology

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Current publications - Service Life and Failure Analysis


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