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PV module calibration to determine the I / V characteristic and electrical parameters under standard test conditions (STC).

Quality Check of Module Batches

The precise measurements of module charges increase the probability of the expected return on investment of PV power plants.

PV Module

For accurate long-term performance testing of PV modules in outdoor operation, CalLab PV Modules is offering a newly developed data acquisition system.

Training, Workshops and Customized

Our accredited calibration laboratory, CalLab PV Modules, unites the highest level of scientific know-how with cutting-edge measurement technology. Renowned module manufacturers, EPCs and investors with the highest quality requirements are among our clients, all of whom value our longstanding experience and global reputation in the field of module calibration and performance testing.

We offer expertise ranging from precisely calibrating single cells and modules through to complex, customized tasks, such as accurately calibrating bifacial modules. With an uncertainty range of just 1.1%, our measurement accuracy under standard test conditions outranks that of our international competitors while our quality assurance services go far beyond. We provide support for full calibration of modules in accordance with the energy rating standard IEC 61853-1 and for quality benchmarking with individual testing procedures.

Our goal is to gain a detailed understanding of our clients’ requirements and offer tailored solutions.

Latest Press Releases


Press Release - 08.05.2020

CalLab PV Modules Improves Measurement Uncertainty to Record Value of 1.1%

The laboratory reached a record measurement uncertainty of 1.1 percent in the calibration of photovoltaic modules. The measurement reproducibility has only 0.2 percent deviation.


Press Release - 26.9.2017

International Intercomparison of PV Modules Reaffirms Measurement Precision of the CalLab PV Modules

At 1.3 percent measurement precision, the accredited calibration laboratory of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE achieved a record value.


Press Release - 13.4.2017

CalLab PV Modules Increases Measurement Precision to a Record 1.3 Percent

The calibration laboratory at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE has achieved a best value: Photovoltaic modules can now be calibrated with an even higher measurement precision of 1.3 percent.

Selected Research Projects



Development of a standard to determine the rated power of CPV modules



Development of Characterization Methodology for Modules and Systems Applying Bifacial PV Technology


IEA PVPS Task 13

Performance and Reliability of Photovoltaic Systems

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