Monitoring and Operational Analysis

Lastflexibilisierung von Gebäuden
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Laboratory building at the Fraunhofer ISE campus in Freiburg. The building has a 500m³ cold water storage tank, which can be used both as a cold storage or source for a heat pump and for load shifting.

In demonstration buildings and field measurements, we develop measurement concepts to record relevant energy flows and operating states. For example, Fraunhofer ISE has measured more than 100 small heat pump systems in residential buildings over the last 10 years. Measurement data are used both for evaluating components and systems and for quality assurance and ensuring proper and efficient operation. In the process, we also develop new evaluation methods for characterizing technical systems.

Field measurements are also used to create typical user profiles, which are used in the development of new control strategies, but also help to develop robust simulation models.

Our R&D services in detail:

  • Field measurement of heat pump systems
  • implemented measurement concepts in numerous demonstration, residential and non-residential buildings
  • Development of customized data analysis and visualization platforms
  • Evaluation of operational data with recommendations for action for operational optimization

Selected Research Projects

WPsmart im Bestand

Heat Pump Field Trial – Focus Existing Buildings and Smart Control

Net-Zero Energy Building

Freiburg’s New City Hall Demonstration Building