Building Energy Concepts

© Stadt Freiburg / Stefan Gebhard
In the multi-family house ensemble of the Bauverein Breisgau in the Emmendinger Straße (Freiburg), a micro heat network with the use of solar thermal collectors and a CHP was realized.

"Low-Exergy Systems" - i.e. the use of environmental heat as source and sink as well as the transfer of useful energy with a low temperature swing - whether in new or existing buildings, are our research focus. We develop, analyze and optimize LowEx system concepts for residential and non-residential buildings and demonstrate the implementation in real building projects. 

Heat pumps have significant potential to reduce specific CO2 emissions for heat supply - both in new and existing buildings. However, this entails special requirements both for the transfer systems for space heating or hot water preparation (heat sinks) and the harnessing of environmental heat (heat sources). 

We develop digital methods and tools for the integral planning of LowEx systems. The goal is not only the optimization of energetic issues but also a high degree of automation in order to reduce time and planning effort and thus save costs. 

We provide tools for energy service providers, HVAC plant and system suppliers as well as planners and architects. 

Our R&D services in detail:

  • Conceptual design of energy efficient buildings
  • Evaluation of heat transfer systems (especially: thermally activated component systems)
  • Dynamic building system simulation
  • Monitoring and operational analysis in the field
  • Facade-integrated supply technology
  • Demand-oriented control strategies for decentralized ventilation technology

Selected Research Projects

LowEx-Stock Analysis

LowEx-Concepts for the Heat Supply of Existing Multi-Family Houses