Outdoor Exposure

In order to determine materials durability under real weather conditions in extreme climates, we operate outdoor test sites in four different climates. Here we are able to quantify the climatic factors that play a critical part in aging processes and examine their effects.

Outdoor test sites in four different climates:

Freiburg, Germany

(moderate climate)

Central European reference location with moderate temperature, humidity, UV radiation, and moderate snow and wind loads.

The Zugspitze, Germany

(alpine climate)

Alpine location with a cold mountain climate, wide temperature fluctuations and high UV radiation as well as high snow and wind loads.

Sede Boker, Israel

(arid climate)

Desert climate with high temperatures, sharp temperature fluctuations and high levels of irradiation and UV radiation.

Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria, Spain

(maritime climate)

Maritime climate with a saline atmosphere where it is possible to study the corrosion resistance of modules and components.

The test sites are equipped with systems for the high-resolution monitoring of climatic data and data of the test samples.
These data are supplemented by global climate data that we prepare for use with the help of geographic information systems (GIS). Using suitable simulation models, we are able to simulate exposure in potential locations from these macroclimatic conditions.