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"Fener" is a web-based simulation platform (fener-webport.ise.fraunhofer.de/) that integrates advanced methods for simulating the thermal, daylighting and glare performance of office spaces with CFS. Access to "Fener" allows our clients to evaluate different design alternatives in a fast and cost-effective fashion.

"Fener" uses the three-phase method to predict the solar transmission and indoor illuminance of office spaces. The three-phase method separates the light transport between the outdoor and the indoor environments into three phases: exterior transport, fenestration transmission through a BSDF dataset and interior transport. The exterior and interior transport components are solved in a pre-calculation phase by backward ray-tracing and stored in matrix form.

"Fener" also includes a thermal representation of the fenestration system based on angularly resolved solar heat gain coefficients, which can be analytically derived or obtained through calorimetric measurements. A heat balance method is implemented to calculate the hourly building energy demand of the office space.