Lighting Technology

R&D Services

One R&D focus at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE is the energy optimal use of daylight combined with high visual comfort standards. To comply with new and more demanding building regulations, innovative and cost-optimized building products have to be developed. Often a trade-off between different building functions must be found. To do this, complex simulation and optimization tools are required. Our R&D services in the field of Lighting Technology include:


of the daylighting, glare and energy performance of switchable/complex fenestration systems. Our current toolbox includes:

Generation of BSDF datasets

of complex fenestration systems based on ray-tracing (layer and system level)

Estimation of the daylighting potential

based on regional irradiation data, building geometry and the surroundings

Selection and evaluation of components for daylighting systems:

glazings, light-redirecting elements, shading systems, glare protection systems, combined systems

Selection and evaluation of the operation of electric lighting

Innovative and efficient lighting technologies have become crucial components in building planning in order to achieve national and international energy reduction targets.

Whether for natural or artificial lighting, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions. The Fraunhofer ISE has consolidated experience in the mathematical and physical modeling of thermal and optical processes of daylighting and artificial lighting systems and their effect on building energy performance. Our services include state-of-the-art simulation capacity, prototyping and experiments in our extensive measurement and test facilities.