Dr. Armin Richter

High-Efficiency Silicon Solar Cells

Research focus

  • Development of high efficiency silicon solar cells along the whole process chain
  • Analysis of loss mechanisms and 3d device simulations of silicon solar cells
  • Characterization of fundamental properties silicon such as Auger recombination
  • In depth characterization of dielectric surface passivation layers
  • Development and characterization of atomic layer deposited (ALD) thin films for PV applications such as
    o Silicon surface passivation
    o Electron / hole transport layers for perovskite solar cells
    o Transparent conductive oxides (TCOs)

Curriculum vitae

2009-2014 Ph. D. (physics), University of Konstanz/Fraunhofer ISE. Title: "Aluminum oxide for the surface passivation of high efficiency silicon solar cells"  
2008 Diploma in Physics from University Hamburg/Fraunhofer ISE. Title (translated): "Front surface passivation of n-type silicon solar cells with amorphous silicon"  
since 2007 Researcher at Fraunhofer ISE in the group High-efficiency Silicon Solar Cells  
2002-2008 Student at University Hamburg (physics)  


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