Robert Meyer M.Sc.

Project Manager, Building Systems Technology, Division Energy Technologies and Systems

Research Focus

  • Concepts for energy efficient buildings and the application of renewable energy in buildings
  • Evaluation of possible grid-support and flexibility potential that can be supplied from energy consumers and producers within buildings
  • Expertise about the regulatory framework on providing flexibility from buildings
  • Evaluation of opportunities and barriers to achieve the energy transition within the building sector (with a special focus on challenges through skills shortages and the roll of craftsmanship within the energy transition)
  • Gaining and disseminating knowledge over the whole national research field of energy efficiency in buildings

Curriculum vitae

Robert Meyer received the Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering at the Technical University Darmstadt in 2014. During a stay abroad in 2013 he gained international experience in Mexico. He graduated from university in 2017 with a Master’s Degree in Energy Science and Engineering (M.Sc.). During his studies he was employed as a working student at Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG (2010-2012) and Clean Energy Sourcing GmbH (2015-2016), an operator of a virtual power plant. After writing his Master Thesis at Fraunhofer ISE he started his work as an full-time employee there in 2018 in the group "Building Systems Technology".

Major projects

EnEff2050Begleit (2018-2020) An accompanying research project for the BMWi funding initiative "EnEff.Gebäude.2050"
SHK4FutureEnergysystem (2019) Transforming a sea container to a tiny-house with vocational students and students from a university of applied science in order to explore in a joint workplace environment innovative building technologies in construction practice
FlexControl (2017-2029) Development of novel and practical operating strategies for energy efficient and grid-supportive heating and cooling supply for new and existing buildings in the TCS sector
SysWärme (2020) Systemic Challenges of Heating Sector Transformation

Executed non-public research studies

On behalf of Deutsche Energie Agentur (dena, 2018) "Systembaustein Gebäude: Smart-Flexibel-Integriert"
On behalf of  Sweco GmbH (2019) Green City Pilot Rwanda - Feasibility Study / Implementation Framework for the "Green City Pilot" project in Kigali, Rwanda
On behalf of Ommega Innovations (2020) Evaluation of the application potential of the ICE-ON technology


YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2021Maßnahmen und Instrumente für eine ambitionierte, klimafreundliche und sozialverträgliche Wärmewende im Gebäudesektor. Tl.1: Analyse der Herausforderungen und Instrumente im Gebäudesektor: Ariadne-Hintergrund
Berneiser, J.; Burkhardt, A.; Henger, R.; Köhler, B.; Meyer, R.; Sommer, S.; Yilmaz, Y.; Kost, C.; Herkel, S.
2021Maßnahmen und Instrumente für eine ambitionierte, klimafreundliche und sozialverträgliche Wärmewende im Gebäudesektor. Tl.2: Instrumentensteckbriefe für den Gebäudesektor: Ariadne-Hintergrund
Meyer, R.; Berneiser, J.; Burkhardt, A.; Doderer, H.; Eickelmann, E.; Henger, R.; Köhler, B.; Sommer, S.; Yilmaz, Y.; Blesl, M.; Bürger, V.; Braungardt, S.; Herkel, S.
2021Systemic Challenges of Germany's Heat Transition - a Measure and Policy Roadmap for a Climate Neutral Building Stock
Köhler, B.; Bürger, V.; Meyer, R.; Engelmann, P.; Sterchele, P.; Heilig, J.; Berneiser, J.; Sandrock, M.; Braungardt, S.; Hesse, T.
Conference Paper
2021Systemische Herausforderung der Wärmewende. Abschlussbericht
Engelmann, P.; Köhler, B.; Meyer, R.; Dengler, J.; Herkel, S.; Kießling, L.; Quast, A.; Berneiser, J.; Bär, C.; Sterchele, P.; Heilig, J.; Bürger, V.; Braungardt, S.; Hesse, T.; Sandrock, M.; Maaß, C.; Strodel, N.; Steinbrenner, J.
2021Die Wärmewende im Gebäudesektor - Herausforderungen und Handlungsoptionen
Köhler, B.; Bürger, D.V.; Meyer, R.; Engelmann, P.; Sandrock, M.
Journal Article
2021Wer zahlt für den Klimaschutz im Gebäudesektor? Reformoptionen der Modernisierungsumlage: Ariadne-Analyse
Henger, Ralph; Braungardt, Sibylle; Köhler, B.; Meyer, R.
2019Ermittlung des Treibhausgasminderungspotentials - Rahmenwerk in der Förderlinie EnEff.Gebäude.2050
Walther, K.; Meyer, R.; Schmid, M.
2019flexcontrol - netzdienliche Betriebsführungsstrategien für eine energieeffiziente Wärme- und Kälteversorgung von Gebäuden im GHD-Sektor. Endbericht
Frison, L.; Engelmann, P.; Klein, K.; Gölz, S.; Meyer, R.; Köhler, B.; Felsmann, C.; Schmidt, J.; Bachseitz, M.; Pfeiffer, D.; Knoll, P.; Koenigsdorff, R.; Becker, M.; Rehm, M.; Vennemann, S.; Ansari, E.; Kitzig, J.-P.; Rumler, N.; Post, T.; Massa Gray, F.; Reimann, S.; Löhning, M.; Gall, J.; Klimke, K.
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