Dipl. Ing. Eric Laurenz

Project Engineer, Heating and Cooling Technologies, Division Thermal Systems and Building Technolgies

Research focus

  • Sorption technology for heating and cooling applications in buildings, transport, refrigeration and thermal energy storages
  • Heat and mass transfer
  • Hydration kinetics of salt hydrates as thermochemical material
  • Experimental characterization of sorption kinetics with frequency response methods
  • Modeling and numerical simulation of diffusion, heat transfer and reaction kinetics (FEM with COMSOL Multiphysics®)

Curriculum vitae

Since 2012: Research assistant and PhD student at Fraunhofer ISE
2005-2012: Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), mechanical engineering, energy technologies    

Awards & outstanding achievements

PhD scholarship from Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung

Major projects

PhD research project:
»Physical characterization and optimization of salt hydrate composites for solar cooling applications«, supervised by Prof. Gerhard Schmitz (TUHH)
WasserMod2 – Adsorptive Wärmetransformation: Neue Adsorber und Anwendung in Solarem Kühlen und Heizen, research assistant    
IEA SHC Task 58 / ECES Annex 33: Material and Component Development for Thermal Energy Storage, technical expert    
EffiMet – Energieeffiziente Wärmeübertragung durch 3-D-Metallgewebestrukturen, research assistant (finished),
MERITS – A Rechargeable Heat Battery, research assistant (finished)    


YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2020Experimentally measured thermal masses of adsorption heat exchangers
Gluesenkamp, K.R.; Frazzica, A.; Velte, A.; Metcalf, S.; Yang, Z.; Rouhani, M.; Blackman, C.; Qu, M.; Laurenz, E.; Rivero-Pacho, A.; Hinmers, S.; Critoph, R.; Bahrami, M.; Füldner, G.; Hallin, I.
Journal Article
2020A Novel Approach for the Determination of Sorption Equilibria and Sorption Enthalpy Used for MOF Aluminium Fumarate with Water
Laurenz, E.; Füldner, G.; Schnabel, L.; Schmitz, G.
Journal Article
2020Sorptionsbehälter, Sorptionsspeicher, Wärmepumpe und Wärmetransformator
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2019Adsorption dynamics of MOF coatings for waste heat driven cooling
Laurenz, E.; Velte, A.; Kummer, H.; Füldner, G.; Schnabel, L.
Conference Paper
2019Handwashing with soap after potential faecal contact: Global, regional and country estimates
Wolf, J.; Johnston, R.; Freeman, M.C.; Ram, P.K.; Slaymaker, T.; Laurenz, E.; Prüss-Ustün, A.
Journal Article
2019Multi-dimensional performance evaluation of heat exchanger surface enhancements
Fugmann, H.; Laurenz, E.; Schnabel, L.
Journal Article
2018Innovative Adsorbent Heat Exchangers: Design and Evaluation
Schnabel, L.; Füldner, G.; Velte, A.; Laurenz, E.; Bendix, P.; Kummer, H.; Wittstadt, U.
Book Article
2018Model Based Assessment of Working Pairs for Gas Driven Thermochemical Heat Pumps
Laurenz, E.; Füldner, G.; Döll, J.; Blackman, C.; Schnabel, L.
2017Advanced Measurement and Simulation Procedure for the Identification of Heat and Mass Transfer Parameters in Dynamic Adsorption Experiments
Velte, A.; Füldner, G.; Laurenz, E.; Schnabel, L.
Journal Article
2017A novel adsorption module with fiber heat exchangers: Performance analysis based on driving temperature differences
Wittstadt, U.; Füldner, G.; Laurenz, E.; Warlo, A.; Große, A.; Herrmann, R.; Schnabel, L.; Mittelbach, W.
Journal Article
2017Wire Structure Heat Exchangers. New Designs for Efficient Heat Transfer
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Journal Article
2016Assessment of thermodynamic equilibrium properties of salt hydrates for heat transformation applications at different temperature levels
Laurenz, E.; Füldner, G.; Schnabel, L.
2015Wärmeübertragungsvorrichtung und deren Verwendung
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2014Heat Transfer in Adsorption Heat Exchangers between Fins and Monolayer Pellet Beds
Laurenz, E.; Füldner, G.; Schnabel, L.
Conference Paper
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