Dr. Jonas D. Huyeng

Head of Team »Solar Cells – Back-End Process Technology«

Research focus

  • Silicon solar cell technology from wafer to module
  • Opportunities for a renaissance of European PV production
  • Investigation of new and more sustainable processes for solar cell manufacturing
  • Process optimization for industrial high efficiency solar cells
  • Characterization and evaluation of new printing media and associated processes
  • Optimization of structuring and metallization processes for industrial solar cell concepts, including PERC, TOPCon and SHJ technology in combination with multibusbar, shingle or back contact architectures

Curriculum vitae

Since 10/2021 Fraunhofer ISE, Head of Team
11/2020 - 09/2021 Fraunhofer ISE, Research fellow and project management
04/2016 - 02/2021 University of Freiburg, Doctorate
11/2015 - 02/2020 Fraunhofer ISE, PhD student 
10/2017 - 03/2018 Australian National University, Canberra (AU), Research Stay
04/2016 - 03/2018 Industry Scholarship, University of Freiburg, Post Graduate Programme „DENE“
10/2012 - 03/2015 RWTH Aachen University, Master of Science, Physics
10/2013 - 01/2024 University of Surrey, Guildford (UK), Master of Science, Physics
10/2009 - 09/2012 RWTH Aachen University, Bachelor of Science, Physics


Publication Type
2022 Screen Printable Sol-Gel Materials for High-Throughput Borosilicate Glass Film Production
Huyeng, Jonas; Efinger, Raphael; Bruge, David; Doll, Oliver; Keding, Roman; Clement, Florian
Journal Article
2022 Back-contact solar cells at Fraunhofer ISE
Huyeng, Jonas; Efinger, Raphael; Schweigstill, Tadeo; Fellmeth, Tobias; Rendler, Li Carlos; Brand, Andreas; Spribille, Alma; Heinrich, Martin; Eitner, Ulrich; Keding, Roman; Clement, Florian
2019 Simultaneous Contacting of Boron and Phosphorus Doped Surfaces with a Single Screen Printing Paste
Huyeng, J.; Spribille, A.; Garcia Prince, M.; Rendler, L.C.; Ebert, C.; Eitner, U.; Clement, F.
Conference Paper
2018 Advancements in the Utilization of Screen-Printed Boron Doping Paste for High Efficiency Back-Contact Back-Junction Silicon Solar Cells
Huyeng, J.; Lang, S.F.; Efinger, R.; Schmidt, S.; Spribille, A.; Bruge, D.; Wolf, A.; Keding, R.; Doll, O.; Clement, F.
Conference Paper
2018 Wave-Shaped Wires Soldered on the Finger Grid of Solar Cells: Solder Joint Stability under Thermal Cycling
Rendler, L.; Haryantho, A.P.; Walter, J.; Huyeng, J.; Kraft, A.; Wiese, S.; Eitner, U.
Conference Paper
2017 Investigation of BC Architectures along TRL at FHG-ISE
Keding, R.; Reichel, C.; Müller, R.; Huyeng, J.; Rendler, L.C.; Spribille, A.; Hermle, M.; Eitner, U.; Clement, F.
2017 A cost-driven research strategy towards industrially feasible high-efficiency back-contact back-junction silicon solar cells
Huyeng, J.; Spribille, A.; Nold, S.; Efinger, R.; Keding, R.; Doll, O.; Clement, F.
Conference Paper
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