Dr. Jan Frederik Braun

​Head of Hydrogen Cooperation (MENA Region), Hydrogen​ Technologies

Short biography

Jan’s research projects focus on the development of low-carbon hydrogen policies and economies and the deployment of technological innovation in the MENA region. His key aim is to establish and accelerate a competitive clean hydrogen value chain in this region and with a special emphasis on local value creation.

He has co-authored a range of scientific publications, official studies, and strategies for governments domestically (Federal government of Germany) and abroad (United Arab Emirates, and the Netherlands).

Jan holds an MA in International Relations from Durham University and a PhD in Social Sciences and Economics (magna cum laude) from Osnabrück University, which he obtained as an EU Marie Sklodowska-Curie Early Stage Research Fellow.


Publication Type
2023 Clean H2 Deployment in the Europe-MENA Region (2030-2050): A Technical and Socio-Economic Assessment
Braun, Jan; Frischmuth, Felix; Schmitz, Richard
2023 Clean Hydrogen Deployment in the Europe-MENA Region from 2030 to 2050
Braun, Jan; Frischmuth, Felix; Gerhardt, Norman; Pfennig, Maximilian; Schmitz, Richard; Wietschel, Martin; Carlier, Benjamin; Réveillère, Arnaud; Warluzel, Gilles; Wesoly, Didier
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