Power from the sun

Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE

Einseitige Inline-Kupferabscheidung auf Siliciumsolarzellen mit lichtinduzierter Galvanik

Elektrochemische Prozesse zur Kontaktierung von Solarzellen werden am Fraunhofer ISE bereits seit mehreren Jahren verfolgt. Sie sind schnell, kostengünstig und laufen bei niedrigen Temperaturen ab. Bereits relativ etablierte Verfahren wie der galvanische Vollaufbau von Solarzellenkontakten aus Nickel, Kupfer und Zinn stehen unmittelbar vor der Marktreife. In der gezeigten industrienahen Anlage zur Kupferabscheidung werden diese Verfahren durch das Fraunhofer ISE gemeinsam mit seinen Industriepartnern für erste Kunden bemustert. Daneben erforscht das Fraunhofer ISE auch innovative Verfahren wie das elektrochemische Strukturieren von Aluminium. Unsere Expertise bezüglich der elektrochemischen Gegebenheiten in Kombination mit Prozesstechniken führte hier zur Idee eines vollständig neuen Strukturierungsansatzes, der für diverse fortschrittliche Zellkonzepte die Möglichkeit zur Metallstrukturierung bei niedriger Temperatur mit nur einem einfachen Prozessschritt bietet. (Foto: Achim Käflein)

The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE conducts research on the technology needed to supply energy efficiently and on an environmentally sound basis in industrialised, threshold and developing countries. To this purpose, the Institute develops systems, components, materials and processes in the areas of the thermal use of solar energy, solar building, solar cells, electrical power supplies, chemical energy conversion, energy storage and the rational use of energy.

The Institute's work ranges from fundamental scientific research relating to solar energy applications, through the development of production technology and prototypes, to the construction of demonstration systems. The Institute plans, advises and provides know-how and technical facilities as services.

Current Press Releases
The PV Module Reliability Workshop Goes to Britain! – Experts Gather to Discuss the Latest Test Methods and Measuring Tools
Mar 24, 2015

This year’s PV Module Reliability workshop is being held at Loughborough University’s Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (CREST) in Leicestershire, UK, from April 16-17. This time around, the international speakers and participants will largely focus on new test methods and measuring tools being used and developed to enhance commonly performed PV module reliability tests. A further key area of discussion will be the recording and analysis of climate-induced stress and environmental influence. In addition to the hosts themselves, the list of speakers will comprise renowned research and industry representatives.

CEBIT: Enit Energy IT Systems Wins Start-up Competition “ICT – Innovation”

March 17, 2015

The Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) awarded the grand prize in the start-up competition “ICT – Innovation” to Enit Energy IT Systems, a company located in Freiburg. Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel and State Secretary Brigitte Zypries presented the prize at the CeBIT to the winning company, which is a spin-off of Fraunhofer ISE.

Events / Trade Fairs
MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit
San Francisco, USA
Apr 06, 2015 - Apr 10, 2015

The 2015 MRS Spring Meeting and Exhibit will be held in San Francisco, California. All technical sessions and non-technical events will be held at the Moscone West Convention Center, San Francisco Marriott Marquis and The Westin San Francisco Market Street. Locations and schedules of individual symposia will be posted in early 2015 as available. Non-technical events will be listed on the menu to the left. Information about individual sessions and special events will be posted as they become available closer to the meeting.

7th International Conference on PV-Hybrids and Mini-Grids
Bad Hersfeld, Germany
Apr 10, 2015 - Apr 11, 2015

The “7th International Conference on PV-Hybrid and Mini-Grid” is one of the rare opportunities for end-users, industry, experts and academia to meet and discuss the latest developments, experiences and results, present the performance of the state of the art of the technology or business models and to share the insights gained by worldwide installations.

11th International Conference on Concentrator Photovoltaics
Aix-les-Bains, Frankreich
Apr 13, 2015 - Apr 15, 2015

The 11th International Conference on Concentrator Photovoltaics (CPV-11) is the premier technical conference in the areas of high- and low-concentration PV components, modules, and tracker-based PV systems. The conference brings together students, academics, technologists, and financiers to engage in discussion of state-of-the-art CPV components, trackers, and installations. Technical tours of nearby commercial CPV installations and test sites will provide a practical perspective.

Hannover Messe
Hannover, Germany
Apr 13, 2015 - Apr 17, 2015

The message behind "Integrated Industry – Join the Network!" is that the key challenges of the fourth industrial revolution – such as achieving universal standards for machine-to-machine communication, maintaining data security and finding new business models – can be mastered only through collective endeavor in networks. The technological advances that can flow from networking will be made real and tangible at HANNOVER MESSE this coming April


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