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Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE

Einseitige Inline-Kupferabscheidung auf Siliciumsolarzellen mit lichtinduzierter Galvanik

Elektrochemische Prozesse zur Kontaktierung von Solarzellen werden am Fraunhofer ISE bereits seit mehreren Jahren verfolgt. Sie sind schnell, kostengünstig und laufen bei niedrigen Temperaturen ab. Bereits relativ etablierte Verfahren wie der galvanische Vollaufbau von Solarzellenkontakten aus Nickel, Kupfer und Zinn stehen unmittelbar vor der Marktreife. In der gezeigten industrienahen Anlage zur Kupferabscheidung werden diese Verfahren durch das Fraunhofer ISE gemeinsam mit seinen Industriepartnern für erste Kunden bemustert. Daneben erforscht das Fraunhofer ISE auch innovative Verfahren wie das elektrochemische Strukturieren von Aluminium. Unsere Expertise bezüglich der elektrochemischen Gegebenheiten in Kombination mit Prozesstechniken führte hier zur Idee eines vollständig neuen Strukturierungsansatzes, der für diverse fortschrittliche Zellkonzepte die Möglichkeit zur Metallstrukturierung bei niedriger Temperatur mit nur einem einfachen Prozessschritt bietet. (Foto: Achim Käflein)

The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE conducts research on the technology needed to supply energy efficiently and on an environmentally sound basis in industrialised, threshold and developing countries. To this purpose, the Institute develops systems, components, materials and processes in the areas of the thermal use of solar energy, solar building, solar cells, electrical power supplies, chemical energy conversion, energy storage and the rational use of energy.

The Institute's work ranges from fundamental scientific research relating to solar energy applications, through the development of production technology and prototypes, to the construction of demonstration systems. The Institute plans, advises and provides know-how and technical facilities as services.

Current Press Releases
Flexible and Functional – Prefabricated Façade Elements Simplify Building Renovation
Mar 04, 2015

Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE have developed façade elements where the building’s heating, ventilation and sanitation systems are integrated into the thermal insulation panels of the building envelope. The multi-functional insulation boards and window elements can be implemented in new buildings as well as buildings undergoing renovation. The type of materials used and the integration technique can be combined according to the customer’s wishes. The prefabricated façade and window elements are the first results stemming from several research projects in which Fraunhofer ISE is involved. It has been shown that the use of these elements increases the building’s energy efficiency.

A+++ to G: Introduction of Energy Efficiency Label for Heating Systems and Thermal Storage Devices – Fraunhofer ISE Supports Companies with the Introduction of the EU Energy Label
Mar 04, 2015

As of September 26, 2015, heating systems will have to bear an European Union energy label. The label, which already applies to refrigerators and washing machines, will now also be compulsory for heat pumps and heating systems with solar components. Before a product’s efficiency class can be determined, however, specific technical information is required. Although testing methods and guidelines for classifying appliances already exist, they do not apply to the entire spectrum of heating systems. This is because, in future, it is not only standard components that will be tested and compared, but also complex systems. Such testing methods can be implemented at the TestLab Solar Thermal Systems run by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE. The laboratory also works within committees to create relevant standards for implementing the energy label in future.

Fraunhofer ISE Launches Platform elinkSOLUTIONS – New Web Service Offers Software Products in the Field of Energy Management
Mar 04, 2015

On the new web platform elinkSOLUTIONS, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems offers standardized software to assist clients in developing solutions for an efficient energy management of buildings and urban quarters. The first product available is called “schedSOL”. This program is used specifically to optimize the operational management of thermal-electric systems, e. g. co-generation plants with storage. Soon the program synPRO will be available online. This product allows the client to generate individualized load profiles for electricity and heat with high time resolution. The web service elinkSOLUTIONS is designed to assist energy suppliers, public utilities, grid and system operators as well as energy system developers. The product offer on the web platform is constantly being expanded.

Visit us at the ISH in Frankfurt!

March 4, 2015

Fraunhofer ISE will exhibit at this year's ISH in Frankfurt from March 10-14. Meet our experts at the ISH Energy, Hall 10.3, Booth 79.

Solar energy emerging as cheapest power source in many parts of the world

February 24, 2015

According to a study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE commissioned by Agora Energiewende, solar energy will become the cheapest power source in many parts of the world. By 2025, solar power in sunny regions will be cheaper than power from coal or gas.

Press release Agora

Studie 'Current and Future Cost of Photovoltaics - Long-term scenarios for Market Development, System Prices and LCOE of Utility-Scale PV Systems'

Events / Trade Fairs
Energy Storage Europe
Düsseldorf, Germany
Mar 09, 2015 - Mar 11, 2015

In 2015 the Energy Storage Europe (Expo & Conference) will for the first time be held together with the 9th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES 2015). From March 9-11, 2015, some 1,500 international participants and approx. 100 exhibitors will meet in Düsseldorf.

International Sanitary and Heating Trade Fair
Frankfurt, Germany
Mar 10, 2015 - Mar 14, 2015

ISH – The World’s Leading Trade Fair for The Bathroom Experience, Building Services, Energy, Air Conditioning Technology and Renewable Energies – is the world’s biggest exhibition for the combination of water and energy. With everything from sustainable sanitation solutions, innovative bathroom design and energy efficient heating technologies combined with renewable energies to environmentally friendly air-conditioning, cooling and ventilation technology, the world’s leading trade fair covers all aspects of future-oriented building solutions in both horizontal and vertical terms.

5th International Conference on Silicon Photovoltaics
Konstanz, Germany
Mar 23, 2015 - Mar 25, 2015

The 5th SiliconPV conference will take place on March 23-25, 2015 in Constance. The conference covers a variety of exciting topics around crystalline silicon for photovoltaic application, which is still the leading technology for solar electricity generation.

8th Developer Forum Accumulator Technologies
Aschaffenburg, Germany
Mar 24, 2015 - Mar 26, 2015

For competitive reasons it is immensely important for the battery industry to develop even more powerful, even smaller and even safer batteries.

In order to offer the industry as well as the end user the possibility to inform about latest technological trends from experts at first hand we have established the annual Developer Forum “Accumulator Technologies”.


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