Innovation requires the use of advanced technologies. For a deeper understanding of certain issues, we at Fraunhofer ISE use a spectrum of different methods, processes and applications, develop them further and thus contribute to the further optimization of materials, components and complete systems for use in renewable energy technologies.

Functional Printing

Sophisticated functional printing applications are used in the manufacturing of numerous electronic devices. In our research work on the optimization of silicon solar cell manufacturing processes, we develop and optimize printing processes with which ultra-fine line contacts with good conductivity can be produced on structured silicon surfaces. Our expertise is applicable for other applications such as circuit boards, fuel cells, batteries, sensors and other electronic devices. Thus, we can support material and device manufacturers in the selection of suitable printing technologies, the development of functional materials or innovative processes. We offer a wide range of characterization methods covering all relevant aspects from material and surface characterization to in-depth analysis of electrical, optical and functional properties.

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Functional Printing

High-precision printing technologies for the development of functional materials and innovative processes.