Flexible AC/DC simulator for devices up to 600 kW

In addition to highly precise measuring equipment, a customized activation for tests of inverters and grid integration and of the power electronics in general is extremely important. That is why TestLab Power Electronics has a direct connection to the medium-voltage power grid, solar simulators up to 1.4 MW as well as an outdoor test field in which inverters and cogeneration units of the multi megawatt class can be operated.

AC/DC-Simulator im TestLab Power Electronics
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AC/DC simulator in TestLab Power Electronics.

An AC/DC simulator with a peak performance of 600 kW was added to the equipment of TestLab Power Electronics. This investment opens up many further options for industrial customers as well as for the execution of research projects. The simulator is bi-directional, water-cooled and can be used for AC or DC applications. For example, it can map changed grid situations, such as frequency jumps or LVRT / HVRT or simulate large batteries for grid storage applications. The flexible structure of the simulator allows for the provision of AC or DC loads as well, for example for mapping isolated grids or micro grids.

Thanks to its high cycle rate, the simulator has a high bandwidth (up to 9 kHz) and a very low voltage ripple (THDU < 0.5%). The integration of real-time control also makes hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulations possible: electrical equipment, consumers, generators or oscillating circuits can be simulated.

With this innovation, TestLab Power Electronics has taken yet another step to offer our customers the maximum possible variety and flexibility. The AC/DC simulator has already proven its versatility and capabilities during the first tests. Complex laboratory set-ups are planned for the near future of a research project and the simulator will take on an important role. Our test engineers are perfectly prepared for all questions and possible contingencies of a complex measuring order thanks to their experience from these endeavors.


The new AC/DC simulator at a glance:

  • Up to 1000 VAC / 750 VDC / 600 kW
  • Bandwidth up to 9 kHz
  • THDU < 0,5%
  • RT control and HIL applications possible

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