Large Area Reference Cells LARC®

Large Area Reference Cell (LARC®).

Small area reference cells are constructed using small solar cells made from special materials. The concept of the Large Area Reference Cell (LARC®) enables the use of materials similar to those of the device under test and to provide a larger active cell area.

With a large-area solar cell the influence of the inhomogeneity of solar simulators is reduced and the accuracy of the output increases. The reference cell is equipped with an integrated, precise temperature sensor. A special contact allows potential separation with sufficient thermal conductivity. A housing developed at Fraunhofer ISE protects the reference cell from environmental influences. This housing has a reliable socket to connect the cell with the measuring line. Its black anodized surface minimizes reflections and its geometry allows a maximal angle of incidence.

Technical data for LARC®:

  • housing of black anodized, mechanically stable aluminium, thermally conductive, cell encapsulated in a special kind of laminate
  • active area: 156 x 156 mm²
  • solar cell: Hanwha Q CELLS Q.ANTUM, customer cells on request
  • potential-free mounting in the housing
  • internal circuit: 4-wire connection
  • Pt100 temperature sensor (4-wire) integrated
  • connection via LEMO connectors
  • glass cover
  • Fraunhofer ISE test report IV-curve (ISC, VOC, FF, eta) included, Fraunhofer ISE DAkkS-calibration shortly available; spectral response on request