Flyer and Brochures - Solar Thermal Power Plants and Industrial Processes

Flyer: Outdoor Weathering in Different Climates

May 2015 | Language: english

The climatic conditions affecting solar systems vary considerably from location to location, resulting in different requirements for materials and components of PV modules and thermal collectors. Fraunhofer ISE operates outdoor test sites in four different climates in order to assess the effects of different weathering conditions on the reliability of PV modules and thermal collectors.

Flyer: Solar Thermal Façades

December 2014 | Language: english

Building-integrated solar thermal systems (BIST) save costs in comparison to constructing the building envelope and a solar thermal system separately by reducing material and labor expenditure. Innovative multifunctional BIST components simultaneously provide solar thermal yield, visual transparency and solar control. Together with project partners, Fraunhofer ISE develops new, innovative solutions for Solar Thermal Façades.

Flyer: Micro- and Nano- Structured Surfaces

June 2013 | Language: englisch

Micro- and nanostructured surfaces can fulfill a variety of different functions. An important application field is photon management in optical systems. The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE advances the fundamental understanding of the optics of microstructured components, modeling, design, production as well as replication and characterization of large-area micro- and nanostructures.

Flyer: Water Treatment and Separation

May 2018 | Sprache: english

Water makes our planet unique. At the same time, it is the natural resource most consumed by human beings. Already a scarce commodity in many regions of the world, the reckless use and disposal of water will continue to increase the amount unfit for consumption, hence accelerating its scarcity even more.

Flyer: Quality Assurance and Yield Optimization for Solar Power Plants

August 2015 | Language: englisch

Over the last two decades Fraunhofer ISE has made important contributions to the quality assurance of PV and solar thermal power plants. We offer quality assessments for every stage of PV or solar thermal power plant projects – from planning and design up to long-term operation.