Flyer and Brochures - Power Electronics, Grids and Smart Systems

Flyer: Battery Systems

June 2018 | Language: english

Developing powerful energy storage systems is essential for the efficient use of renewable energy. Reliability, safety, efficiency and a long-life cycle are key for any battery system.

Flyer: Power Electronics and Grid Technologies

February 2017 | Language: english

Power electronics and grid technologies are key elements for the generation, transmission, storage and consumption of electricity. They play a fundamental role in electrical grids and will take on greater responsibilities as the transformation of the energy system progresses and the share of renewable   energy increases.

Flyer: Energy Strategies – Roadmap for the Future

October 2016 | Language: english

Renewable energy sources have grown competitive and are gaining importance in the energy systems around the world. The growing share of fluctuating renewable sources and their decreasing costs will fundamentally change the energy market and business.

Flyer: Smart Energy Cities

February 2016 | Language: english

Cities and local authorities are key innovators when it comes to the development of a sustainable way of life. They can facilitate the transition into the digital age with sustainable energy systems, zero-emission mobility and state-of-the-art information and communication technology (ICT). By doing so, they create the basis for a prospering economy and an improvement in the quality of life of citizens, companies and institutions.

Flyer: Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Energy Supply and Management

May 2015 | Language: english

A reliable and resilient supply of energy is a key factor for social prosperity and industrial competitiveness. Yet there are many regions in the world lacking secure supply options due to e. g. energy shortage or high prices of local fuels.

Flyer: Quality Assurance for Commercial PV Battery Systems & PV Diesel Grids

March 2015 | Language: english

With its long-term experience, Fraunhofer ISE offers a wide array of services including the quality assurance of PV systems, battery system technology and battery storage integration in commercial PV applications as well as in hybrid PV diesel mini-grids.Our support ranges from the identification and analyses of load profiles and the design of the entire power system through to the implementation and operation phase of the facility.

Flyer: String Inverters and Power Electronics for Grid-Connected Batteries

March 2014 | Language: english

String inverters still have the highest share of annual sales among PV inverters. Their rated power ranges from a few hundred watts up to several kilowatts for multistring types. Because of the steadily rising share of PV in the global energy mix, grid codes are becoming more demanding.

Flyer: Power Electronics for Off-Grid Systems

March 2014 | Language: english

Our experience in the field of power electronics is combined with more than 30 years of knowledge in remote PV hybrid systems. We develop efficient and flexible power converters for all kinds of
remote applications.