San Francisco, United States  /  July 29, 2019  -  August 01, 2019

OSA Advanced Photonics Congress

The OSA Advanced Photonics Congress, comprised of five topical meetings, addresses the many aspects of photonic device research and development and their use in networks.
Integrated photonic circuits and stand-alone components such as switches and modulators in silicon, lll-V, graphene and polymer material systems are covered, as well as nano-photonic and quantum devices and concepts.
Novel materials such as metamaterials, plasmonics, and other specially designed materials and their potential use in devices are examined as well as advances in materials with optical gain, nonlinear optical materials, novel optical glasses and crystals and ceramics.
The latest uses of photonics for sensors such as fiber sensors, for light sources, and for data transfer are examined. The latest advances in optical interconnects, switching technologies, signal processing and network virtualization are also presentation topics.