The Berlin ENERGY DAYS is the major annual conference of the Energiewende ("energy transition") in Germany, hosting dozens of single events and panels three days a year in late spring.

The first conference dates back into the year of 1999, since then the BET became the biggest event of it's sort with around 9.000 mostly high profiled visitors and decision makers nowadays. Co-hosts of the conference are around 50 major institutions in the field of construction, energy and housing up to federal ministries and – in 2015 for the first time – the European Commission. In sum, the BET are adding up more than 150 hours of panels with about 300 speakers out of every related branch – each year.

The BET are sided by a huge trade fair / exhibition, combining the three days of panels, discussions and workshops with around 100 companies and institutions presenting their latest inventions, products and services to the audience. Other services offered by the BET organizers are an inventor's forum in which start ups can show and discuss their ideas as well as a job fair and other additional events such as award ceremonies or open table discussions.