Water Energy Nexus

Our work with water energy nexus covers the following areas:

Renewable Energy Water Treatment

Water Energy - Systems and Management


As of the 21st century, the symbiosis between water and energy has grown to a point where it has become nearly impossible to work with one without factoring in the other. The foundation on which the water treatment group at Fraunhofer ISE has been built upon has to do with projects that brought into perspective both energy and water. From research-based consulting to full-scale development, we have accumulated experience on this subtle yet significant nexus.

Our work revolves around Renewable Energy Water Treatment and Water Energy Systems and Management. Projects in RE water treatment mainly address research on running desalination plants using available renewables, and on the development of small scale autonomous desalination systems for arid and remote regions.  The research and development focus lies on systems and techniques that contribute to the efficient and pragmatic use of energy and water resources.