Membrane distillation system

Membrane distillation system on Gran Canaria with thermal storage for night operation. The system produces up to 200 l/h.

Water Treatment

Combining solar plants with water purification systems provides an environmentally friendly and sustainable way of supplying people with clean water. In light of this, we focus on the following Fields of Work:

Water purification in developing countries

Thermally driven membrane distillation systems

Photovoltaic-powered reverse osmosis

Characterization and development of semi-permeable membranes

System simulation and construction

Unclean drinking water presents an enormous health risk – especially in developing countries, where 80 percent of all diseases are caused by polluted drinking water. The problem is particularly serious in rural regions without any power supply.

Against this background, Fraunhofer ISE develops stand-alone, solar-powered drinking water treatment systems. A spin-off company for solar thermal processes based on membrane distillation was founded: Solar Spring GmbH.

Our services in the area of decentralized water purification comprise:

  • Development and characterization of semi-permeable membranes
  • Simulation and design of solar water purification systems
  • Manufacture of prototype plants and modules for thermal membrane distillation
  • Construction of plants using photovoltaic-powered reverse osmosis
  • Plant monitoring, including off-grid areas
  • Advice and support on additional aspects of water purification, such as sterilization
  • Research into solar thermal processes for separating substances

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Water Treatment, Sea and Brack Water Desalination, Material Seperation in Industrial Applications

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Decentralized Water Purification Systems (PV with reverse osmosis)

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