Adsorption cooling machine

Adsorption cooling machine, part of a cooling system for laboratories of the University Clinic in Freiburg.

Solar Cooling and Refrigeration

R&D service

Our R&D service offers include:

Consultancy, System Design and Simulation

Monitoring and Demonstration Systems

Test facility for solar-driven desiccant cooling systems (SSGKTEST)

Frequently asked questions

Already today many techniques are available which allow the use of solar thermal energy for air-conditioning of buildings. Our services in this technology area comprise consultance work for planners, carry-out of feasibility studies, system simulations on different levels of detail and accompanying pilot installations including a scientific monitoring phase. However, technical systems suitable for use in applications with low power outputs in particular are not yet available. Ongoing and future development work will continue to contribute towards closing this gap, enabling solar thermal cooling to be used in smaller buildings as well.