Outdoor test stand for service life analysis

Test stand for outdoor exposure in Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria, Spain.

Performance and Service Life Testing

R&D Services

Our extensinve R&D services in the area of Performance and Service Life Testing include:


Solar thermal components

Accelerated aging tests

Outdoor exposure


We test and assess materials, components and products with regard to their durability and suitability for use in solar thermal systems.

We do this by measuring and analyzing macro- and microclimatic degradation factors at different outdoor test sites located around the world. Furthermore, we develop non-destructive testing procedures and experimental methods for identifying degradation indicators and diagnosing changes to materials and damage. Numerical simulation techniques help us to calculate mass and energy transport processes, to understand the kinetics of degradation processes and to describe changes in the relevant output characteristics. In particular, we focus on reflectors, glazing materials, functional coatings and polymeric materials. We offer individual tests for analyzing materials in new product developments.

Thanks to our newly developed test facilities and test sequences for solar collectors and components, we are also able to conduct accelerated aging tests in the lab.

As a complement to our research and development work in the research topic Performance and Service Life Testing, we offer related testing and certification services to clients.

TestLab Solar Thermal Systems