Heat distribution in a FracTherm® structure

Heat Transfer and Collector Development

R&D Services

Our R&D services in the area of Heat Transfer and Collector Development comprise:

Development and optimization of thermal components

  • Solar absorbers and collectors
  • Heat exchangers

System-oriented development of components

  • comprehensive approaches, e.g. for building-integrated solar collectors 

Development of customized channel structures

  • uniform flow distribution and low pressure drop using the FracTherm® procedure

Thermographic images and pressure drop measurements

Heat pipe measurements

Modeling and simulation of components and systems

Studies on behalf of clients

Efficient heat transfer is key for the development of high-performance, economical thermal components. This statement applies to the use of both renewable and conventional energy. Here, efficiency refers to the entire process and denotes not only energy efficiency but also resource and cost efficiency. This means that we always consider fluid-based heat transfer alongside the associated hydraulics. In collaboration with our partners, we develop system-oriented solutions for new components or solutions that enhance existing products. In addition, we design our own innovative concepts for transferring and transporting heat, some of which are patented and for which licenses are available. One example of this is FracTherm® technology.

We use physical modeling and simulations as well as qualitative and quantitative experimental investigations on our test rigs. Furthermore, our developments take into account the material properties of both prototypes and components produced in numbers as well as their different possible means of manufacture.

One of our particular areas of expertise is the design of new solar absorbers, which we carry out in consideration of water/glycol and air collectors as well as heat pipe designs.