Simulation of optical properties of textures: The "OPTOS" Formalism

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Sketch of a textured silicon solar cell with inverted pyramids on the front side and diffraction grating on the rear side.

The »OPTOS« formalism was developed at Fraunhofer ISE in order to simulate Optical Properties of Textured Optical Sheets. It is a matrix based simulation approach, which allows for the efficient calculation of reflectance and absorptance of plane parallel sheets with arbitrary surface textures on both sides, e.g. solar cells or PV module stacks. Light propagation within the sheet as well as light-surface interactions are simulated for a discrete set of angles. This allows for the description of the optical paths within the sheet via vectors and matrices. The angular redistribution matrices need to be calculated once for each type of texture using the most appropriate simulation technique. Subsequently, the results are coupled non-coherently to calculate reflectance or absorptance of the combined system.

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If you are interested in using »OPTOS« or have further questions feel free to contact All Publications including »OPTOS« simulation results are collected here.

The source code of the basic version of »OPTOS« is released under the GNU General Public License (v3). In addition, we offer simulations and custom-developed versions of »OPTOS«, tailored to your specific application or use. In order to obtain a copy of »OPTOS«, please register here.