Gasochromic test façade

Switchable gasochromic test façade at Fraunhofer ISE.

Coatings, Technologies and Systems

R&D Services

Our expertise in the field of coating technology serves the development of the following applications:

Low-ε coating systems

High-temperature resistant absorber coatings

High-temperature resistant resistant reflective coatings

Optically switchable systems

Vacuum-insulated glass

Transparent silver electrodes on polymer substrates

Methods and equipment

Optically functional coatings are widely used today in the building sector, for example as constituents of low E glass. High temperature resistant absorber coatings for receivers also play a key role in solar thermal power plants, as these are the core components of such systems.

At Fraunhofer ISE we are developing new coatings which combine functionality with the requirements of the final product, such as corrosion and thermal stability.

We coat substrates such as glass, steel, films, metal plates, wafers or tubes up to a maximum size of 4 m x 1.5 m at a maximum rise of 16 cm. For the charaterization of its electrical, optical, mechanical and chemical properties as well as its microstructure we use various state-of-the-art equipment. Commonly, the primary objective is the optimization of coatings with regards to the demands of the application, e.g. their stability under high temeperatures or outdoor weathering.

We offer our services for feasability studies and product developments leading to a final prototype. We are open to direct orders as well as government-funded projects in national and international programs. In addition, the coating facilities are available for small batch productions, too.