70 kVA PV inverter with innovative cooling concept

Matching power electronics is a central component for the processing and distribution of electrical energy from renewable energy sources.

Power Electronics for PV and Storage Systems

R&D Services

We offer the following R&D services in the field of power electronics for PV and storage systems:

Development of customer-specific designs to close-to-production prototypes

Development of highly dynamic, flexible and resilient control technology

Measurement, characterization and optimization of existing concepts and devices

Simulations and studies on power electronic converters for PV and storage systems

In many parts of the world, the electricity production costs of renewable energies and in particular photovoltaics are now significantly lower than those of conventional energy sources. A similar cost reduction can already be observed in energy storage systems and this will continue in the coming years. These strong cost degressions will enable an even broader use of sustainable energies, which are also urgently needed in the course of a CO2-neutral energy supply. Suitable power electronics for photovoltaic and storage applications are central components both for processing electrical energy and for system integration into an increasingly complex and intelligent energy system.

Fraunhofer ISE develops highly efficient power electronic components such as photovoltaic and battery converters in all power classes. Through innovative topologies and hardware designs in combination with the latest semiconductor technologies and optimized cooling systems, we can realize compact and multifunctional inverter systems. These can be upgraded for grid-connected, off-grid and hybrid applications.