Power Converter Systems

Our work in the field of converter systems focuses on the following areas:


Power Electronics for PV and Storage Systems


Power Electronics for Electric Mobility

The decarbonization of the energy systems used in the power and transportation sectors is crucial for conserving our planet for future generations. Renewable energy, energy storage and e-mobility will play a vital role in significantly reducing CO2 emissions worldwide. To ensure that our current fossil fuel-based energy systems can be transformed as required, we will need numerous power electronic systems for converting, storing and distributing electrical energy.

Fraunhofer ISE has many years of experience in developing customized power electronics for converter systems. To help contribute to the energy and transportation transition, our department is dedicated to developing converter systems that can be refined for a variety of applications. Power electronic systems that are already suitable for the next generation in terms of both commercial and technological aspects are essential for processing electrical energy and for integrating systems into an increasingly complex and intelligent energy and transportation sector.

By combining innovative hardware designs with the latest semiconductor technologies and optimized assembly, connection and cooling structures, we can develop compact, highly efficient converter systems in almost all power ranges. These can be designed for use in grid-connected, off-grid and hybrid applications with the required control technology. In addition to our research activities, we generate innovative ideas for next-generation power electronics that are close to being ready for production.


Our R&D services comprise:

  • Feasibility and concept studies for power electronic converters
  • Highly efficient and compact converter systems (stationary/mobile)
  • Conductive and inductive energy transmission systems
  • Integration of converters in accordance with device-specific standards
  • Innovative control system concepts and software development
  • Measurement, characterization and optimization of existing concepts and devices

In addition to researching converter systems, we run the Power Converters Lab at the Center for Power Electronics and Sustainable Grids at our Zinkmattenstrasse location. This allows us to work closely with the departments operating the Multi-Megawatt Lab and the Medium Voltage Lab, giving us access to additional infrastructure.

Center for Power Electronics and Sustainable Grids

Selected Research Projects



Increasing the Overall Efficiency of Self-Consumption Systems



Highly Dynamic Control of Photovoltaic Inverters



High Power Inductive – Automated, Wireless Fast-Charging Technology for Autonomous Mobile Robots and Industrial Trucks



Power Electronics – Intelligent and Reliable

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Power Converter Systems

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