Development of highly efficient, compact power electronics for medium voltage

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Medium-voltage converter.

As a result of the energy revolution, the demand for converters in the medium-voltage range will also increase in the future. Not only in wind power but also in large photovoltaic power plants with outputs of more than 100MVA and very high area expansions, it makes sense to collect the energy by means of power electronic converters at medium voltage level in order to keep the line losses low.

Silicon carbide (SiC) components with reverse voltages higher than 10kV are ideally suited for use in medium-voltage power electronics. SiC transistors in this voltage range are now available and are used by us for the development of converters. Compared to silicon (Si) transistors, considerably simpler topologies can be used with the same converter voltage.

However, the high reverse voltages and extremely high switching speeds of these new components also present new challenges for which we are developing solutions.

Further areas of application are the use of converters for grid stabilization and railway technology.