Characterization of SiC diodes and transistors up to 20kV

Tests in the voltage range 100V - 20kV

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Prototype of a lateral GaN transistor.

Active semiconductor switches are the core element in every power electronic converter. They directly determine system behavior, efficiency, switching frequency and thermal management. The exact knowledge of the static and dynamic behavior is therefore absolutely necessary for the optimal design of a system. Particularly with newly available components, the data sheet values are often not yet available in detail or are inaccurate.

In our laboratories we can characterize power transistors in the voltage range from 100V to 20kV. Our test benches can be adapted to all common package forms for discrete transistors from FlipChip to SMD to through-hole packages. Special power semiconductor modules can also be measured. We use state-of-the-art broadband current and voltage sensors to record the characteristic curves.