PV for Transport Industry

PV module integration for cars, trucks, busses, roads, tracks, noise barriers, trains, ...

PV for Mobility

Yield assessment, PV module and system development for the transport sector

PV for Trucks

The large roof areas of commercial vehicles are suitable for application-optimized PV modules in lightweight construction. The solar power generated, lowers fuel consumption and thus reduces CO2 emissions.

PV for Mobility


Module Development and Optimization


  • Vehicle Integration
  • Integration in Traffic Routes
    (Roads, Train Tracks)
  • Adjustments to Aerodynamic,
    Aesthetic and Functional Requirements
  • New Solar Cell Technologies and
    Maximum Efficiency Systems

Analysis and


  • Irradiation and Yield Assessment
  • Cost-of-ownership Calculations
  • Measuring Campaigns on Transport
    Routes for Yield Determination

Tremendous decline in costs for solar power generation enables new applications in the transport sector. Electric vehicles with integrated PV modules achieve longer ranges, vehicles with combustion engines save fuel and reduce their emissions, and transport routes can also be operated as power stations.

Compared to conventional PV installations, modules on vehicles and traffic routes are exposed to very demanding loads. At Fraunhofer ISE, we develop solar modules that meet these extreme requirements.

We offer a comprehensive range of services for PV applications in the mobility sector, including yield assessment and analysis of PV systems, the development of solar modules or electronic applications, as well as economic considerations.

Selected Press Releases


Press Release - 4.4.2017

Research at Fraunhofer ISE Investigates Integrated Photovoltaic Modules for Commercial Vehicles

Thanks to considerable cost reductions in photovoltaic modules, solar energy holds increasing appeal for use in the mobility sector.

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September 9-13, 2019

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