New laboratory building at Fraunhofer ISE

Seminar room with building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), partly transparent PV module with angularly selective transmission (PV Shade®)

Building Integrated Photovoltaics

A dramatic rise in the use of renewable energy sources is needed if we are to meet national and European climate protection targets. Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) will play a particularly large role in helping the building sector to become CO2 neutral by 2050 – the goal it has been set by the EU.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE offers industry partners a broad spectrum of research and services in the field of BIPV. The institute benefits especially from considerable expertise in the mathematical and physical modeling of thermal, optical and electrical processes in sunlit façades.

Selected Research Projects



Electrically tested BIPV slates for facade or roof



Comprehensive Integration of Energetically Active Facade Components into Building Processes


BIPV system design for an Art Nouveau building in Zurich

Trade Fairs / Conferences


May 27-30, 2018
Shanghai, China

World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion (WCPEC-7)

June 10-15, 2018
Waikoloa, Hawaii

Intersolar Europe

June 20-22, 2018
Munich, Germany

Current publications - Building Integrated Photovoltaics


YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2017Morpho butterfly inspired coloured BIPV modules
Bläsi, B.; Kroyer, T.; Höhn, O.; Wiese, M.; Ferrara, C.; Eitner, U.; Kuhn, T.E.
Conference Paper
2016Coloured module glass for BIPV inspired by morpho butterfly
Bläsi, B.; Kroyer, T.; Höhn, O.; Ferrara, C.; Kuhn, T.E.
Conference Paper
2016Komplettcharakterisierung einer winkelselektiven PV-Verglasung PVShade®
Wilson, H.; Sprenger, W.; Fath, K.; Erban, C.; Kuhn, T.
Book Article
2015Grid impact of a net zero energy building with BiPV using different energy mangament strategies
Klein, K.; Kalz, D.; Herkel, S.
Conference Paper
2014Assessment of a photovoltaic thermal (PVT) prefabricated facade
Katsifaraki, A.; Bueno, B.; Kuhn, T.E.; Maurer, C.
Conference Paper
2014Calorimetric determination of the solar heat gain coefficient g with steady-state laboratory measurements
Kuhn, T.E.
Journal Article
Kuhn, T.E.; Kneiske, T.; Hoffmann, C.
Book Article
2014Future BIPV Market(s)?!
Ferrara, C.; Vicente Iñigo, C.
Conference Paper
2014Hybrid PV-thermal collector development: Concepts, experiences, results and research needs
Fortuin, S.; Hermann, M.; Stryi-Hipp, G.; Nitz, P.; Platzer, W.
Conference Paper
2014Rethinking solar resource assessments in the context of global dimming and brightening
Müller, B.; Wild, M.; Driesse, A.; Behrens, K.
Journal Article
2014Solarvalley-BIPV: Ertrags- und Wirtschaftlichkeitsanalyse von BIPV-Anlagen mit CIGS-Modulen
Wilson, H.R.; Sprenger, W.; Kröger-Vodde, A.; Fath, K.; Münch, M.; Caspary, D.; Bayer, L.; Kuhn, T.E.
Conference Paper
2014SolarValley-BIPV: Simulation und Analyse des Betriebsverhaltens von PV-Anlagen mit a-Si/µ-Si-Modulen
Wilson, H.; Sprenger, W.; Römer, N.; Kröger-Vodde, A.; Heidelberg, A.; Caspary, D.; Bayer, L.
Conference Paper
2013BIPV-standard module for large-scale halls
Ferrara, C.; Vicente Iñigo, C.
Conference Paper
2013Neue Solarthermie- und BIPV-Fassadenkomponenten
Kuhn, T.E.
Journal Article
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