Prototype of a Dye Solar Module

Section of a 60 cm x 100 cm dye solar module using glass frit sealing is shown. The module is connected in series with other prototypes of the same size.

Dye and Perovskite Solar Cells

R&D Services

Our R&D services comprise:

Perovskite Silicon Tandem Solar Cells

Large-area dye solar modules are being developed at Fraunhofer ISE for application in photovoltaically active architectural glazing. Research is being conducted on transferring the production concepts to the new area of perovskite solar cells. We have demonstrated that modules can be produced with industrially relevant technology based on screen-printing and new sealing approaches. The 60 cm x 100 cm modules, with durable glass-frit sealing and internal series connection, can be fabricated reproducibly in cooperation with industrial partners. To this purpose, a special in situ coating method was optimized for perovskite solar cells, which requires very little material and can be easily upscaled.

Selected Research Projects



Perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells



Scalable perovskite technology



Highly Efficient Printed (> 17 %) Perovskite Solar Cells


Current publications - Dye and Perovskite Solar Cells:

YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2018From window to solar cell and back
Goldschmidt, J.C.
Journal Article
2018High photovoltage of 1 V on a steady-state certified hole transport layer-free perovskite solar cell by a molten-salt approach
Wagner, L.; Chacko, S.; Mathiazhaganz, G.; Mastroianni, S.; Hinsch, A.
Journal Article
2018Transient photovoltage in perovskite solar cells: Interaction of trap-mediated recombination and migration of multiple ionic species
Walter, Daniel; Fell, Andreas; Wu, Yiliang; Duong, The; Barugkin, Chog; Wu, Nandi; White, Thomas; Weber, Klaus
Journal Article
2017Distinguishing crystallization stages and their influence on quantum efficiency during perovskite solar cell formation in real-time
Wagner, L.; Mundt, L.E.; Mathiazhagan, G.; Mundus, M.; Schubert, M.C.; Mastroianni, S.; Würfel, U.; Hinsch, A.; Glunz, S.W.
Journal Article
2017A fast and easy perovskite solar cell simulation tool featuring ion migration
Fell, Andreas; Walter, Daniel; Glunz, Stefan W.
Conference Paper
2017Low Temperature perovskite solar cells with an evaporated TiO2 compact layer for perovskite silicon tandem solar cells
Bett, A.J.; Schulze, P.S.; Winkler, K.; Gasparetto, J.; Ndione, P.F.; Bivour, M.; Hinsch, A.; Kohlstädt, M.; Lee, S.; Mastroianni, S.; Mundt, L.E.; Mundus, M.; Reichel, C.; Richter, A.; Veit, C.; Wienands, K.; Würfel, U.; Veurman, W.; Glunz, S.W.; Hermle, M.; Goldschmidt, J.C.
Journal Article
2017Nondestructive probing of perovskite silicon tandem solar cells using multiwavelength photoluminescence mapping
Mundt, L.; Heinz, F.D.; Albrecht, S.; Mundus, M.; Saliba, M.; Correa-Baena, J.P.; Anaraki, E.H.; Korte, L.; Rech, B.; Grätzel, M.; Hagfeldt, A.; Schubert, M.C.; Glunz, S.W.
Journal Article
2017Novel low-temperature process for perovskite solar cells with a mesoporous TiO2 scaffold
Schulze, P.S.C.; Bett, A.J.; Winkler, K.; Hinsch, A.; Lee, S.; Mastroianni, S.; Mundt, L.E.; Mundus, M.; Würfel, U.; Glunz, S.W.; Hermle, M.; Goldschmidt, J.C.
Journal Article
2017Spectrally resolved nonlinearity and temperature dependence of perovskite solar cells
Mundus, M.; Venkataramanachar, B.; Gehlhaar, R.; Kohlstädt, M.; Niesen, B.; Qiu, W.; Herterich, J.P.; Sahli, F.; Bräuninger, M.; Werner, J.; Hohl-Ebinger, J.; Uytterhoeven, G.; Würfel, U.; Ballif, C.; Schubert, M.C.; Warta, W.; Glunz, S.W.
Journal Article
2016Characterization of perovskite solar cells: Towards a reliable measurement protocol
Zimmermann, E.; Wong, K.K.; Müller, M.; Hu, H.; Ehrenreich, P.; Kohlstädt, M.; Würfel, U.; Mastroianni, S.; Mathiazhagan, G.; Hinsch, A.; Gujar, T.P.; Thelakkat, M.; Pfadler, T.; Schmidt-Mende, L.
Journal Article
2015Analysing the effect of crystal size and structure in highly efficient CH3NH3Pbl3 perovskite solar cells by spatially resolved photo- and electroluminescence imaging
Mastroianni, S.; Heinz, F.D.; Im, J.-H.; Veurman, W.; Padilla, M.; Schubert, M.C.; Würfel, U.; Grätzel, M.; Park, N.-G.; Hinsch, A.
Journal Article
2015Stability assessment of alternative platinum free counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells
Yun, S.; Lund, P.D.; Hinsch, A.
Journal Article
2014Analyses of structurally modified quasi-solid-state electrolytes using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for dye-sensitized solar cells
Seo, S.-J.; Hinsch, A.; Veurman, W.; Brandt, H.; Kang, M.-S.; Shin, S.-H.; Moon, S.-H.
Journal Article
2014Assessment of a photovoltaic thermal (PVT) prefabricated facade
Katsifaraki, A.; Bueno, B.; Kuhn, T.E.; Maurer, C.
Conference Paper
2014Flexible high efficiency perovskite solar cells
Roldán-Carmona, C.; Malinkiewicz, O.; Soriano, A.; Mínguez Espallargas, G.; Garcia, A.; Reinecke, P.; Kroyer, T.; Dar, M.I.; Nazeeruddin, M.K.; Bolink, H.J.
Journal Article
2014Introduction to in-situ produced perovskite solar cells: A new concept towards lowest module manufacturing costs
Hinsch, A.; Mastroianni, S.; Brandt, H.; Heinz, F.; Schubert, M.C.; Veurman, W.
Conference Paper
2014Photoelectrochemical response of DSSCs under prolonged reverse bias and conduction band lowering in Ru-complex-sensitized TiO2
Pumiglia, D.; Giustini, M.; Dini, D.; Decker, F.; Lanuti, A.; Mastroianni, S.; Veyres, S.; Caprioli, F.
Journal Article
2014Simple NIR Complexes and Their Applicability in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Neuthe, N.; Popeney, C.; Bialecka, K.; Hinsch, A.; Sokolowski, A.; Veurman, W.; Haag, R.
Journal Article
2014Status of dye solar cell technology as a guideline for further research
Hinsch, A.; Veurman, W.; Brandt, H.; Flarup Jensen, K.; Mastroianni, S.
Journal Article
2013Glass frit dissolution influenced by material composition and the water content in iodide/triiodide electrolyte of dye-sensitized solar cells
Flarup Jensen, K.; Rahman, M.M.; Veurman, W.; Brandt, H.; Im, C.; Wilde, J.; Hinsch, A.; Lee, J.-J.
Journal Article
2013Parameter study on UV-induced degradation of dye-sensitized solar cells
Flarup Jensen, K.; Veurman, W.; Brandt, H.; Im, C.; Wilde, J.; Hinsch, A.
Conference Paper
2013Sol-gel based TiO2 paste applied in screen-printed dye-sensitized solar cells and modules
Hocevar, M.; Krasovec, U.O.; Bokalic, M.; Topic, M.; Veurman, W.; Brandt, H.; Hinsch, A.
Journal Article
2013Stability of UV illuminated dye sensitized solar cells (DSC) studied by photoinduced absorption in the second range
Flarup Jensen, K.; Brandt, H.; Im, C.; Wilde, J.; Hinsch, A.
Conference Paper
2013Status of the dye solar cell technology (DSC) as a guideline for further research
Hinsch, A.
Conference Paper
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