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Energy System Analysis

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Renewable energy technology has developed at breakneck speed in recent years. While prices have sharply fallen, installed capacity has grown to an equivalent extent. In the course of this process, renewable energy sources – photovoltaics and wind power in particular – have not only developed into an important industrial sector worldwide, their growth is also contributing to far-reaching changes in global energy systems. In order to balance out fluctuations in power production from solar and wind sources, ways must be found of aligning supply and demand. This can be achieved through the combined use of different energy technologies, or the integration of storage power plants.

These developments raise research questions that focus primarily on the integration and interplay of renewable energy sources within the system: How can the cost-efficient use of renewable energy resources be achieved in different regions? How can technologies be combined to best meet energy demands? At which points should such developments be supported by the state?

The business area Energy System Analysis works on finding solutions to questions in both this and similar research fields.

07-portrait-Thomas Schlegl
Dr Thomas Schlegl
Energy System Analysis
Fraunhofer ISE