Power Electronics for Electric Mobility

The increasing number of battery-electric, plugin-hybrid and fuel cell vehicles requires a large amount of different power converters to convert the electric energy into the proper form for the specific application. At Fraunhofer ISE we develop highly efficient and compact power converters for the charging of electric-drive vehicles or for the vehicle energy management system. The focus of our research lies in the vehicle-to-grid interface. We develop conductive and inductive charging systems up to 22 KW.

Our focus lies in the integration of a high percentage of renewable energy – together with electric vehicles – into the grid. For example, we develop bidirectional charging systems that not only allow for efficient charging but also feed the electricity stored in the vehicle battery back into the grid. The integration of grid-supportive and grid-forming functions, e.g., provision of system services is also a research focus in this area.

Our R&D services:

  • Develop inductive and conductive charging systems for electric mobility
  • Develop highly efficient converters for the vehicle energy management system
  • Measure and optimize existing concepts and devices
  • Simulations and studies on power converters for electric vehicles