Energy System Models at Fraunhofer ISE

Providing a Sound Basis for Decision Makers

Changing supply and demand structures in the energy sector require analyses based on energy system models which support decision making for operation and management of energy infrastructures such as power plants, storage systems or energy networks. Energy system models analyze all parts of the energy system at various scales

  • Large scale: continental and national energy systems
  • Medium scale: energy systems in regions, cities and communities
  • Small scale: individual units within industrial energy systems


Our energy system models provide decision-making support for the benefit and purpose of:

  • Policy makers & national or regional authorities
  • Utility companies - during the planning and development of systems
  • Industrial technology commercialization
  • Development of strategic energy masterplans for countries, regions, cities, and communities

We offer all kind of research services and consultancy services by applying our models and by using modeling results for our analysis and recommendations.

Energy System Models

Energy System Model with sub-models for the international, national, regional, municipal and single-unit level