PV Battery Systems

Due to their modular design and high efficiency, battery systems play a key role in renewable energy systems, e.g., photovoltaics. With the growth of new renewable technologies, the energy and power density of batteries also increases in magnitude, thus opening up new applications.

With our extensive know-how, we advise our clients on the suitable type of battery for their specific application and offer our support in planning the storage system.


Our services:

  • Simulation-based layout for an optimal battery storage (power and capacity) and system design including power electronics
  • Evaluation and optimization of the operating management strategy
  • Simulation-based determination of the specific storage costs and the electricity generating costs of the PV-battery power plant
  • Consultation by the system integration
  • Characterization of battery systems
  • Performance investigations according to established standards for battery cells, modules and systems up to 1000 V, 600 A and 250 kW
  • Aging investigations on the cell and module level
  • Testing the functionality of the system components (battery management systems, safety measures and facilities, cooling, etc.)
  • Monitoring and scientific evaluation of systems in the field
  • Layout and optimization of island power grids, autonomous electricity supplies as well as grid connected PV battery applications.