Scanning elctron micrograph (SEM) of Phase Change Materials PCM

The scanning electron micrograph gives a qualitative impression of the size distribution of the paraffin microcapsules. Large capsules (app. 5 µm) and many small capsules can be seen. Whereas the number of small capsules is much greater than that of large ones, their volume percentage is small.

Latent Heat Storage

R&D Services

Our R&D services comprise:

Thermal and rheological characterization

of PCM and other materials

Testing and characterization

of PCM and PCM composite materials for the RAL/PCM quality mark

Analysis of the stability

of PCM and PCM composite materials


on how to integrate PCM into applications and systems

Thermal simulation

of PCM in technical applications and buildings


of phase change slurries


of PCM

Monitoring and energy-related analyses

of PCM systems in technical applications and buildings

Latent heat storage uses the process of melting or crystallization of a material to store heat.   The materials selected for this purpose evidence a much higher storage capacity within a small, defined temperature range compared to conventional storage materials storing sensible heat. Therefore, applications that function within a small temperature range are especially suited for latent heat storage.  Many applications exist in buildings, for example as cold storage for air-conditioning, whereas other applications are found in industry or in the mobility sector.

We develop and characterize latent heat materials and complete storage systems for a wide variety of applications. The temperature range of our work varies from low temperatures applications which require minimum temperatures to be maintained during transport  through to cold storage applications for buildings and industry and up to high temperature applications for industrial processes demanding heat storage of ca. 200°C.

Our research covers a wide variety of topics. We not only develop new materials, for example phase change liquids and high temperature materials, but also develop, dimension and optimize complete storage systems. In addition we perform monitoring of storage systems and energy evaluations for specific applications. We also characterize and test phase change materials. We are an accredited test institute within the PCM-RAL Gütegemeinschaft.