Measurement and Characterization of Heat Pumps

Examination of a Heat Pump in a Climate Chamber.

Equipment and Component Development

Binary Refrigerant Distributor for Air to Water Heat Pumps.

Analysis and Optimization of Heat Pumps Systems

Optimization of innovative Heat Pump Systems for Floating Buildings.

Electrically and Heat Driven Heat Pumps

R&D Services

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Climate Friendly Refrigerants for Heat Pumps

The provision of heating and cooling accounts for some 40% of total final energy consumption in Germany. Heating requirements are often underestimated, and indeed over 80% of the energy consumed in households is used to supply space heating and hot water. In view of climate change progression and the scarcity of resources, it is imperative that heating – and increasingly cooling – supply is as efficient and sustainable as possible. Heat pump technology is able to meet these demands.

The biggest advantage of heat pumps is the fact that the provision of heat (and cooling) is predominantly drawn from ambient energy. The remaining energy is usually furnished as electrical energy, though in special cases it can take the form of natural gas. The more ambient energy and the less electrical energy or fossil fuels required by a heat pump, the more efficient its operation. This brings both economical and ecological advantages.

In order to continue improving the efficiency and carbon footprint of heat pumps, we devote our time both to developing and refining individual heat pump components, and to enabling a switch to natural refrigerants. At the same time, we evaluate different heat pump systems under real conditions in the field. This allows us to identify shortcomings in system planning, installation and operation, and to formulate suggestions for improvement.