Dr. Noha Saad Hussein

Project Manager, Energy Systems and Markets, Department Intersectoral Energy Systems and Grid Integration

Research focus

  • Modeling and analysis of Energy systems
  • Development of operation and investment optimization models for energy systems with different scales (regional)
  • Evaluation of energy systems (focus sector coupling)
  •  Analysis and evaluation of energy efficiency with focus on the building sector
  • Techno/economic assessment of RE technologies
  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies
  • Local manufacturing analysis of renewable energy integration in the MENA region
  • Development of energy (efficiency) and renewables strategies
  • Evaluation of energy system influenced by grid autarky

Curriculum vitae

MSc Noha Saad Hussein works at the Fraunhofer ISE as a researcher in the Energy System Analysis group. The main focus of her studies is in the heating and cooling sector of different sectors with focus on the building sector. Currently the main fields of work are analyzing the effects of renewable energy integration and energy efficiency measures in the building sector on the energy system and the economic impact of certain measures. In the past she also worked a lot on renewable energy integration potential in developing countries and mainly in the MENA Region while assessing local value creation potential in addition to researching alternative energy solutions for different sectors.

Major projects

StroWae Analysis of a new market role for the optimization of decentral electricity and heat usage (on behalf of BMWi 2014-2016)
Study Current and Future Cost of Photovoltaics Long-term Scenarios for Market Development, System Prices and LCOE of Utility-Scale PV Systems (on behalf of Agora Energiewende)
AutGrid Chances and risks of energy autarky in Germany – Model based anaylses of grid autarky regions within the German energy system (on behalf of BMBF 2015-2018)
CREMP Egypt Combined Renewable Energy Masterplan (on behalf of the KfW 2011-2013)


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