Dr.-Ing. Manuel Lämmle

Project manager, Building Systems Technology, Division Energy Technologies and Systems

Research focus

  • Energy efficient heat and power supply concepts for buildings and districts
  • Energy management and optimisation for smart energy systems with heat pumps, cogeneration units, PV and solar thermal
  • Demonstration and optimisation of heat pump systems in multi-family homes
  • Development of novel concepts for PVT collectors, e.g. highly-efficient glazed PVT collectors with low-emissivity coatings, and PVT systems, e.g. PVT heat pump systems

Curriculum vitae

since 2018 Post doc researcher with a focus on energy efficient heat and power supply concepts for buildings and districts
since 2018 Lecturer at University of Freiburg („Sustainable Systems Engineering” and „Renewable Energy Management”)
since 2013
Project manager and researcher in the research area of energy efficient building technologies and PVT collectors
2013-2018 PhD student at University Freiburg and Fraunhofer ISE with PhD thesis „Thermal management of PVT collectors – Development and modelling of highly efficient glazed, flat plate PVT collectors with low-emissivity coatings and overheating protection“
2006-2012 Mechanical Engineering at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Lisbon

Major projects

SQ Durlach Conception, Design, Realisation and Evaluation of an innovative energy supply concept for the energy-efficient supply of five mulit-family houses in Karlsruhe Durlach with PV, heat pumps, CHP and district heating
IEA SHC Task 60 Contribution to the international task on PVT Systems -  Application of PVT Collectors and New Solutions in HVAC Systems
PVTsolutions Development of economic and efficient PVT solutions and suitable PVT collectors
NVZ Freiburg Net-Zero Energy Building, Freiburg’s New City Hall
PVTgen2 Developement and pilot production of a covered hybrid photovoltaic/thermal collector of the second generation with improved thermal efficiency


YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2020Basic concepts of PVT collector technologies, applications and markets
Lämmle, M.; Herrando, M.; Ryan, G.
2020Gezielter Heizkörper-Austausch in Wärmepumpen-Heizungsanlagen
Lämmle, M.; Wapler, J.; Kropp, M.; Hess, S.; Hahn, D.; David, G.; Herkel, S.
Conference Paper
2019New town hall in Freiburg (D): Concept, performance and energy balance after the first year of monitoring of a large net plus-energy building
Réhault, N.; Engelmann, P.; Lämmle, M.; Munzinger, L.
Conference Paper
2019Performance modeling of PVT collectors: Implementation, validation and parameter identification approach using TRNSYS
Jonas, D.; Lämmle, M.; Theis, D.; Schneider, S.; Frey, G.
Journal Article
2019Thermal management of PVT collectors: Development and modelling of highly efficient glazed, flat plate PVT collectors with low-emissivity coatings and overheating protection
Lämmle, Manuel; Henning, Hans-Martin (Referent); Wagner, Andreas (Referent); Hermann, Michael (Betreuer)
2018Development of highly efficient, glazed PVT collectors with overheating protection to increase reliability and enhance energy yields
Lämmle, M.; Hermann, M.; Kramer, K.; Panzer, C.; Piekarczyk, A.; Thoma, C.; Fahr, S.
Journal Article
2018Organic PVT - A Novel Hybrid Collector Combining Organic Photovoltaics and Polymer Absorbers
Lämmle, M.; Hernandez Gonzalez, H.; Li, C.; Meir, M.; Piekarczyk, A.; Pitta Bauermann, L.; Rekstad, J.
Conference Paper
2018Quellenseitig in Wärmepumpen-Heizsystem integrierte PVT-Kollektoren - Experimentelle Messungen am Einzelmodul und am Gesamtsystem
Schmidt, C.; Schäfer, A.; Thoma, C.; Rajkiran Jayachandran, E.; Lämmle, M.; Geimer, K.; Kramer, K.
Conference Paper
2018Thermal Management of PVT Collectors: Development and Modelling of Highly Efficient Glazed, Flat Plate PVT Collectors with Low Emissivity Coatings and Overheating Protection
Lämmle, M.
2017Abgedeckter PVT-Kollektor mit Low-e-Beschichtung und Belüftung als Überhitzungsschutz
Lämmle, M.; Panzer, C.; Hermann, M.
Conference Paper
2017Assessing suitable fields of application for PVT collectors with the characteristic temperature approach
Lämmle, M.; Kramer, K.; Hermann, M.
Conference Paper
2017Charakteristischer Temperaturansatz für die Auslegung und Optimierung von PVT- und Solarthermie-Systemen
Lämmle, M.; Hermann, M.
Conference Paper
2017PVT collector technologies in solar thermal systems: A systematic assessment of electrical and thermal yields with the novel characteristic temperature approach
Lämmle, M.; Oliva, A.; Hermann, M.; Kramer, K.; Kramer, W.
Journal Article
2017Quellenseitig in Wärmepumpe-Heizsysteme eingebundene Kollektoren - Definition von Anforderungen und Bewertung von Rechenmodellen sowie Messverfahren zur Modellkalibrierung
Schmidt, C.; Lämmle, M.; Kramer, K.
Conference Paper
2016Development and modelling of highly-efficient PVT collectors with low-emissivity coatings
Lämmle, M.; Kroyer, T.; Fortuin, S.; Wiese, M.; Hermann, M.
Journal Article
2016A PVT collector concept with variable film insulation and low-emissivity coating
Lämmle, M.; Thoma, C.; Hermann, M.
Journal Article
2015Modelling results of covered PVT collectors regarding low-E coatings and F'
Lämmle, M.; Fortuin, S.; Hermann, M.; Kroyer, T.
Conference Paper
2015Simple models for architecture with BIPVT or BIST
Maurer, C.; Sprenger, W.; Lämmle, M.; Kuhn, T.
Conference Paper
2015Thermisches Management für PVT-Kollektoren - Ergebnisse aus Systemsimulationen
Lämmle, M.; Fortuin, S.; Hermann, M.
Conference Paper
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